USF Moves Higher on Forbes’ Most Entrepreneurial List

By Ed Carpenter, Office of Marketing Communications Posted Wed, 08/05/2015 - 16:37

Forbes has ranked USF among the top 20 universities in the country for entrepreneurialism, according to the magazine’s August edition.

USF ranked 19th on the list, up two positions from 21st last year and alongside perennial startup powerhouses such as the University of California, Berkeley and Princeton University.

Innovation for the better

“At USF, we leverage our location in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the epicenters of entrepreneurship and innovation, to be sure that students gain from the insights of professionals in business, technology, family business, social enterprises, and venture capital,” said Mark Cannice, professor and chair of entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy in the School of Management, regarding the latest rankings.

USF takes a unique approach to entrepreneurship. It starts with a philosophy that entrepreneurship and innovation are about creation and change for the better and it extends to every field of study, whether students are studying art, science, or education, Cannice said. Many students minor in entrepreneurship and innovation, on top of their primary field. 

Forbes’ ranks are based on the percentage of alumni and students who identify themselves as founders and business owners on the professional social media platform LinkedIn (adjusted to the universities’ total student bodies).

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